Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Lessons from Dad: A Birthday Cake

I don’t come from a super traditional family, but there are some things that are written on my heart like stone. And, when it comes to birthday cake rules, as far as I’m concerned, there are a few hard and fast rules:
  1. You must never buy a birthday cake. Birthday cakes must be homemade (Duncan Hines is fine) and hand decorated.
  2. Decorating kits and custom pans are cheating.
  3. It’s not really about the final product being perfect, as much as it is about the time, creativity, and love put into the decorating.
  4. Decorating supplies are not bought, so much as they are rummaged around for in pantries and forgotten cabinets. There isn’t a lot you can’t do without toothpicks and food coloring. And Nerds.
  5. Bonus points for repurposing unexpected items. Minus points for anything bought in the cake decorating section of the store.
  6. If the kitchen counter isn’t a formidable mess when you’re finished, you’re not finished. Get back to work.
  7. First birthdays need to be celebrated with a clown cake and must have a cupcake for its nose. The entire cake must then be presented to the baby for demolishing.

Clown cakes are tricky. As far as clowns go, there is a very fine line between cute and creepy. I immersed myself in icing, licorice ropes, strawberry whoppers, and enough food coloring to dye 6 dozen eggs. I found a medicine syringe that worked out perfectly in place of a piping bag, and most importantly, my little brother was there to convince me to stop while I was ahead and not to use the can of pink icing I found at the last minute.

Thanks to my Dad for teaching me ALL of the important things in life.


Dad said...

I think I get far too much credit. I have never produced such a sweet looking clown cake in all of my attempts! Great job, Sus! I am proud of you, not simply for your creative cake capabilities, but for the love invested in celebrating love and life with your husband, your kids, and your Jesus! It was so much fun for Mom & I to be a part of Talya's 1st Birthday party celebration!

Elizabeth Koproski said...

That's hilarious. You did a great job. The rule in our house, never waste your time when there are professionals you can pay to waste theirs. You'll never find a homemade cake at the Koproski's, please don't judge me :)

Sheena said...

My BIRTHDAY is NOVEMBER 6TH...in case you were wondering...;)

Susie said...

Elizabeth - no judgment here - I liked the firecracker decoration on your cake.

Sheena - if you like clown cakes, I'm your girl.

anymommy said...

That is absolutely darling. I love your rules, especially the nerd rule. I love those crazy little candies.

Sheena said...

It's my last birthday in the twenties this year! So a clown cake would be hilarious! I will expect a shipment from Ohio in November! ;)