Sunday, June 28, 2009


36 years ago, they were not quite perfect for each other.

She was a pastor’s daughter – the good kind, not the crazy kind.

He may or may not have gotten expelled from college for something that may or may not have involved streaking.


Since she was so sweet, his coach let her ride the team bus to all of his basketball games. At one of those games, she may or may not have suffered getting a splinter in her butt. At another game, he may or may not have gotten decked by an angry competitor and spent the next months with his jaw wired shut.

She had the guts to bring him home to meet her pastor’s family, while he sucked her mom’s cooking through a straw.

He, all scraggly and lanky, held back her long hair as she got sick after her wisdom tooth operation.

He asked for her hand in marriage and was put off by her concerned parents. So, he asked again.

35 years ago, they got married.

That was when it occurred to her she didn’t know how to cook.

So, he ate hamburger helper and applesauce for a year (but not once since).

And soon after, they began making gorgeous children.

Perfect for each other.

Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad.


Dad said...

Thanks for the walk down 'Miracle Street'. Your mother and I being married is a distinctive demonstration, not only of the deep deep grace of God, but of His evident sense of humor as well. She is a gift above gifts only to be rivaled by the bearing and raising of children that have proven God's promise of life abundant. I am indeed fortunate and blessed. May God bless us with 35 more.

ashley smith said...

That is so sweet. Congratulations to your parents!

Morgan said...

oh ok. now i'm crying. this is great!!!!!!

Tricia said...

I love this, Sus, and have enjoyed the limited amount of time I've spent with your parents. Thanks for sharing a small snip-it of their story. If you think of it, tell them I said "Congrats." :)