Monday, April 6, 2009

Channel Surfing in Motor City

I am sitting with my feet up in a nice hotel room on a HUGE bed with CLEAN sheets. ALONE. The tv is on, and that's Oprah you hear, not Handy Manny.

Life is Good.

Okay, so technically I'm not in Motor City, I'm actually in Canada. Yes, I needed my passport for this exotic little vacation my husband sent me on. He's a good one, my man. He gave me his ticket to tonight's national championship game.

He gave it to me because he knew that, though I may not be the world's biggest sports fan (who's playing? Who cares?), I am a big fan of
  1. time alone
  2. time with my dad
  3. listening to Oprah talking about motherhood (umm, what made Oprah an expert on motherhood, exactly?) when I would normally be wiping butts and cooking dinner.
So, a few more minutes of taking up every inch of real estate on this bed, while I flip channels and wonder why I didn't bring a book, and then it's off to the big game.

Woo-hoo!! Go State! Go Heels! Go Canada!

Oh, and a big thanks to my mom for helping Ben with the butt-wiping and dinner-making while I'm gone.

Now, I wonder what John & Kate are up too...

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DrMommy said...

HOW FUN. So jealous; living vicariously through you!!