Thursday, February 26, 2009

How Social Media Affects My Mind...And My Diet

Today while I was at Kroger, I (who clips coupons and denies myself all things not on sale) bought Paczkis. If you're like me, you have no idea what Paczkis are. They look like doughnuts to me, but I'd never heard of them before.... or had I?

I was on facebook the other day, scanning through the status updates of "friends" (because it's very important to know who's eating what for lunch), and I saw a comment on someone's wall that they were looking everywhere for Paczkis and were having trouble finding them.

All of this information (which I'm pretty sure didn't even come from one of MY "friends" - probably one of my "friends'" "friends" who I had never met before) stuck in my head so that when I saw the Paczkis, my brain told me two things:
  1. There must be some important day that people celebrate with Paczkis. Sounds Polish - maybe a Polish celebration of some sort? It's probably a very important Polish celebration that I am missing out on by not eating Paczkis.
  2. Paczkis must be hard to find, so I should pick these up while I have the chance!
Who cares that I'm not Polish, don't know what Paczkis are, and don't like to spend money on things I don't need? I DO love doughnuts, or any pastry in any culture that remotely resembles doughnuts, and if there's a cultural reason for me to enjoy doughnuts, I'd be the last person to say no.

I just had to come clean. Because I now have a box of Polish Pastries sitting on my counter and Ben is going to come home tonight and look at me like, "What the Heck?" And I'm going to feel like a total liar if I try to make up an answer that sounds any more noble than "Facebook made me do it!"

FYI: As part of my penance for buying the paczkis, I turned to Wikipedia to educate myself, and it turns out (for my non-Polish friends out there) that Paczkis are often eaten on Fat Thursday or Fat Tuesday - to use up all of the lard, eggs, sugar and fruit in the house before Lent.

So, now that I've stuffed myself with lard, eggs, sugar and fruit, it's time for me to start thinking about if and how I'm going to celebrate Lent this year.


Abby said...

Never heard of Paczkis. But now I kind of want them, too...

Mark Beebe said...

someone brought them into work and pronounced them poochkies. What flavor did you have? I had both a chocolate mousse one and cherry cheesecake one. They were both delicious.

Elizabeth Koproski said...

I grew up on Paczkis. My dad is obsessed. (But we are, actually, Polish.) Hopefully you bought the prune kind. They are as hidious as they sound and would make you NOT want to eat them ever again. If not, you're done for!