Thursday, November 27, 2008

Terror in Mumbai

I am shocked to see what has happened in Mumbai. I just can't get over, as I watch the images on TV, that this is happening now. As I bake pie and hold my baby, people are screaming, grieving, cowering a half a world away.
I have been thinking of the things I am thankful for, and there are many, but as I write this post, I am thankful:
  • That there is a Prince of Peace who cannot be shaken from His throne.
  • That there is a Judge that will make all things right.
  • That there is a Place where terror can't exist, but there is grace enough that a terrorist can join me there in worship... one day.
  • That though violence might reign today, it will be vanquished tomorrow.
  • That weeping may last for a night, but joy comes in the morning.
  • That injustice, death, and fear are not the end of this story.
Please pray for this ongoing situation. People are dying, and the death will most likely continue as the situation is "resolved." Please pray that Grace will be seen and accepted, even by those who haven't yet heard of something so scandalous as Free Forgiveness. Pray for Peace to spread in hearts throughout the world, even as nations and groups and cells seek to spread unrest.


Elizabeth Koproski said...

happy thanksgiving. wondering if you are going to the aia women's christmas party on tuesday. if so, do you wanna ride together? trying to find a buddy who doesn't live in xenia AND it would be fun to hang out with you a bit. let me know.

DrMommy said...

This was scary for us, too, as a very dear friend is currently in India, 5 miles outside Mumbai, with her newly adopted boy. Fortunately, she is Indian (and looks it), and was staying at a private home rather than a hotel, but still a terrifying start to motherhood...