Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Miss Emily

I am not a kid person. I don't know how to "play" and engage kids in a way that really captivates them. I think that very few people have that gift, but Miss Emily is one of them. She leads story time for the toddlers at our library, and she is fantastic! Yes, Simon is older than a toddler, but there are quite a few of us parents who have kept our kids in Toddler Story Time because of Miss Emily. She loves to wave her arms around, make loud noises and funny voices, while all of us parents tentatively make some dignified finger movements for the kids' sake.
Simon's first story time was a disaster. I had to remove him at least once because he kept freaking out. Little by little, he's gotten better. Yesterday, he even sat on the carpet, miles away from me so he could see the pictures. Progress!

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