Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Home Again, Home Again

Yes, we made it. Apparently, when airlines start running out of money and cutting flights, they work harder to make sure the flights they do schedule run on time. So, the only moderately stressful time of our travels was when we realized that each flight they split up our whole family around the plane. Yes, my three-year-old was seated apart from his parents. We should have just left it that way and let some stranger explain to him every single detail he noticed out his window, but we spent the whole boarding time swapping and re-swapping seats with people. Turns out, no one really wants to sit next to someone else's three-year-old. Imagine.
Busy week this week starting with a Goodbye Tricia party. So, I spent the evening deseeding jalapenos. I decided to ignore the instructions about using a spoon to do this. I'm tough. I've lived in India. I have hot peppers oozing out my pores. Well, now I regret my spicy cockiness as my hands are on fire! I've washed in dish soap, bleach water, milk... any other ideas? I'm scared to touch my baby!
So, today will be spent trying to cook, clean, do laundry and care for my kids without actually touching them with my jalepeno hands.

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