Saturday, October 18, 2008


In the past week, I have realized something really annoying about myself. To my husband's credit, this annoying behavior wasn't pointed out to me in 7+ years of marriage, although when I mentioned it, he couldn't have looked more relieved that I finally realized what I had been doing.
Here's my confession. I don't close drawers or doors. If you come to my house (and I didn't know you were coming and feel like I owed it to you to clean up around here) you will see a kitchen full of half-open drawers. You might bang your head on an open cabinet door. And if you're not careful you'll trip over the dishwasher that I always leave hanging open into the middle of the kitchen. The two closets that I use are always at least slightly ajar, as well as our pantry door. If you dared venture into the bedroom (I don't recommend this) you will be able to clearly delineate which dresser drawers belong to me and which are Ben's because mine are always hanging open, and his are tightly closed.
(Subconsciously, I must have been aware of my problem, because neither of my kids have dressers. They have shelves and open bins, which never need to be opened or closed.)
My annoying behavior is not just laziness - I think I have a deep-down philosophical thing about closing something I'm going to need to open again. It's the reason I don't make my bed, and (gross) I don't always wash my exercise clothes (because they're just going to get sweaty again and it's not like I wear them to look nice - that's what makes them exercise clothes!)
This neurosis has spread into other habits. I've recently found myself throwing away lids. I don't see the purpose in keeping a lid on the non-stick cooking spray. I use it about 3 times a day, and my hands are always dirty or full or wiping someone's face, and why does non-stick cooking spray need a lid? (especially since in the past several weeks, I've actually been putting it away in the cabinet, although I usually leave the door open.) I just chucked the lid to the stain remover. I keep it high enough that the kids can't get it, and it's one extra step I don't need when trying to get the laundry done.
So, while my condition might be mistaken for laziness, I like to call it efficiency.


Dad said...

I NEVER knew that! Wow! Your parents must have done something to cause that kind of acceptable yet aberrant behavior!

Mark Beebe said...

Stef may agree that this problem runs in the family.

Stef said...

I agree. Reading this and seeing the picture I had to laugh. This is totally a Beebe child thing because Mark does the same thing.

Kristin said...

I must say that this cracks me up...I also know why Ryan fit so well in your family :)

Sarah said...

I also struggle trying to balance efficiency with wanting a neat and beautiful home. Another struggle for me is, "Why pick flowers for the vase? They're just going to die in a few days."
But they're worth it.