Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Greatest Place on Earth

God created the world, and then when people screwed up and he had to close down Eden, He designed Lake George. Then, because he ordained it that the Galbreath/Armes/Holliday/Beebe/Thomas family would get to spend summers there on a tiny piece of heaven called "The Point." Love it, love it, love it!

My ever-cautious son was of course intimidated by the water. This is a boy that has never really liked baths. But, his Super Aunts and Super Uncles patiently cajoled and tricked him into taking baby steps each day. By the end he was swimming by himself with noodles and life jackets. It was so fun to see his progress every day.

Even Talya took a dip. Is it bad to put an 8-week-old into freezing water? She didn't seem to hate it too too much.

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