Friday, July 11, 2008

Elijah on my mind....

Bear with me. Elijah's "birthday" is tomorrow, the 12th. So, this week makes me think of him. Because today is the anniversary of the day I found out without warning that he was gone. And Sunday is the anniversary of his funeral. And, it is sad to me that I don't actually know the day he was welcomed Home.

I'm his mother, so one of the things I mourn is that there were not accomplishments and milestones for me to celebrate with him - make him a cake, give him "the red plate," cheer for his victories. I've often heard it said that a parent should never have to grieve the loss of the child. And I think that's true. Because we're supposed to get to heaven first - if for nothing else so we can be there cheering, beaming with pride when our babies get their finest crown.

It makes me smile when I think of his crown - how he never got a chance to earn one. And how I know that that won't stop his lavish God from giving him one. I thank Jesus for earning it for my son, who never got a chance to grace this earth with his own contributions.

And I thank Jesus for earning one for me too.

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RDC CCC Mom said...

Our thoughts and prayers are with you this weekend! When you have some time to shed some tears and mourn with another family, check out this blog. They have an amazing and powerful testimony of grieving in God's presence. Her writing is honest and pure. I think it would bless you all! I have shed many tears reading her words and am fortunate to not know yours and her pain of losing a child. They live in Nashville and her husband sings for the Christian band, Selah.