Saturday, January 12, 2008

Back to School....and already Procrastinating

I am now a student at Sinclair Community College. I'm the old, pregnant one in a design class full of tattooed 18-year-olds. The upside is that while I don't have a lot of experience in design, I am feeling fairly confident about the "huge" 3-page research paper due in 6 weeks.

I'm so thankful Ben encouraged me to do this - and not only encouraged me but makes it possible by being home early 2 days a week so I can sneak off to class. He even bought my textbook when I was busy and went back to my classroom to find my missing T-sqaure.

The class is called Typography, and it's all about using type effectively. My first project is to make a self-portrait completely out of type. I'm supposed to be doing my homework right now, but every time I decide to get up and work on it, I feel really sleepy.

Thus far, the experience has left me wondering, when exactly did I get old?

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Apoorv Khatreja said...

You mean like a ASCII potrait? Souds interesting. I didn't know we had interesting courses like these in India.