Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Interesting Article on Fertility

Fat, Carbs, and the Science of Conception
This is a somewhat surprising article on how diet affects fertility. Bottom line - healthy woman (and probably man) equals better chances of conception, especially if conception problems are related to ovulatory infertility, which account for at least one quarter of all fertility problems.
I found this obvious-sounding study interesting because after having a lot of trouble getting pregnant with Simon, I got pregnant twice in India, and experienced more regular cycles in general (sorry to any of my brothers who might read this and find it to be too much info). As I read this article, a lot of things clicked for me. Even though I was relatively healthy while living in the States, and tried to follow appropriate healthy advice on slow carbs, etc., there were some changes that were inadvertently made to my diet that I believe really helped me from a reproductive standpoint.
First, almost all dairy I ate was full-fat. I ate less dairy in general, but all butter, milk, cheese, and ice cream had more fat in it than the healthy choices I had made back home - skim milk, low-fat ice cream, fat-free cottage cheese, fat-free yogurt, etc. And, while these choices may be healthier in general, it turns out that if you are trying to get pregnant, full-fat dairy is the way to go.
Also, I ate less red meat (when you see the cows eating garbage, you are less inclined to eat the cow), and all of my food was "natural" (sometimes too natural in my opinion), leading to less trans-fats, hormones, and other things that could mess with my body trying to do its job.
The interesting thing about my diet in India was that it felt less healthy. Steph and I made desserts more than Sarah Lee, and we cooked with butter all the time. But, since even these bad things were natural, I think it had a positive affect on my general health - and apparently on my ability to get pregnant!

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