Sunday, October 15, 2006

Some of my story...

As you know, God has asked me to follow him to India. Depending on if you know me and for how long, you may already know what a process this has been! Before meeting Ben I considered myself a very adventurous person, but, though the old me would be ashamed to see it, I quickly settled into the comfort and security of marriage and ministry in the mild United States.

When I met Ben, who is Indian, I knew the Indian culture would be a part of my life, but I predicted it would be a very small part. As each year went by, I granted India a still bigger area in my heart and mind, but kept sturdy walls in place to make sure it stayed where it was supped to be – safely on the other side of the ocean.

On my first trip to India, which was just to visit an enormous set of in-laws that I was terrified of meeting, I prayed my visa would get denied, so badly did I not want to go. Of course it didn’t, and I did, eating curries and lots of bananas and mangos as I struggled to communicate with my new family who knew nothing of my safe, convenient, happy life in America’s heartland.

Through other visits, but mainly through hard-fought (by Jesus, not me) spiritual growth, God allowed me to realize that India is more than a part of my in-law relationships – it is a part of me and my son and God’s plan for our life and ministry.

When we decided to move here, my mom reminded me that she often prayed that I would be a blessing to others, and that even though it was hard, she knew she had to send me to India so I could bless people here. As special as that is to me, I have to be honest and say I feel like I am doing a lot less blessing others and a lot more striving to make a life here for my family. I pray that as we settle and trust God and wait on Him, my own niche of ministry and blessing would be carved out.

Will you walk that path with me?

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